10 company benefits we introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic


10 company benefits we introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic

We always prided ourselves on our benefits: exciting monthly socials, cool office, all-expenses-paid trips, quarterly lunches at Michelin star restaurants… 

And then along came COVID. It made so many of them completely redundant! Our team wasn’t able to use them during lockdown. 

I realised we needed new ones - something that is going to reflect our team’s needs in this weird situation we all found ourselves in. 

So what better way to find out what our team wants, than just asking them?

I sent out a company-wide survey asking our team questions to figure out which benefits were important to them. The survey covered flexibility, wellbeing, learning and included open-ended questions for them to give their own suggestions.

The result? 10 brand new additional benefits that our team loves! 

1. Remote working

Prior to the lockdown, our team could only work up to 2 days from home. The pandemic forced us to see that we’re not only functioning while working remotely, but excelling while doing so. So we allowed our entire team to work up to 5 days from home - now and after the lockdown. 

2. Work from anywhere

Our team can now also work from abroad without using up their holiday days! We’re trialling a 2 weeks limit for now, but we’ll extend it if it proves to be successful. 

3. Sabbatical

We’re lucky to have a bunch of loyal employees who have been with us for several years. That’s why, for every 5 years of service, we’ll give them 3 weeks of paid holidays on top of their annual leave. Everyone deserves a good sabbatical to get out there and see the world. 

4. Flexible hours ⏰

Everyone’s different - some might have parental obligations, while others function better early in the morning. That’s why we don’t clock watch. As long as our team gets everything done that they need to, they can set their own hours.

5. Wellbeing budget ‍♀️

Every Few&Far employee gets their very own Few&Far Mastercard that will get topped up with £75 every month to spend on health and wellness options of their choice. This can be Vitality private medical insurance, health cash plan, gym membership, supplements and more. 

6. Learning budget

Want to finally take that digital marketing course? Or maybe you always wanted to learn how to code? Besides the wellbeing budget, each F&F Mastercard will get topped up with a £750 learning budget every year. 

7. Free Deliveroo lunches

Each month, we have a company wide round-up to go over our wins. But we don’t want our team to listen with empty bellies. That’s why we’ll be covering their Deliveroo lunches during the round-up! It’s a treat for everyone for a job well done. 

8. Employee recognition gifts

For anniversaries, birthdays and rewards, we’ll also use F&F Mastercard. Instead of vouchers and gifts they might not like, our team will get cash straight to their very own card. Praise is nice, but we want our team to feel truly appreciated (and slightly spoiled). 

9. Team competitions

Not being able to work from the same office together made us realise we need more initiatives to bring the team together. We’ll organise quarterly team competitions and incentives to encourage some healthy competition and reward our team for their hard work - big time.

10. Quarterly guest speakers

Our team are all well-rounded people with plenty of interests. That’s why, each quarter, we invited guest speakers to speak on a variety of topics our team is interested in - from personal finance to stress management

This is just a starting point for us. There’s more to life than just work. We want to continue listening to our team’s evolving needs to support their wellbeing and work/life balance.And the best part? We still kept +10 other benefits from before. If you’re interested in what perks you could have as one of the Few or you’re simply nosey, see our full benefits pack here.

Ashleigh Hamilton, Head of People at Few&Far

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