Now is the best time to secure candidates


If you think that now is not a good time to secure candidates, think again. 

I’m not naive enough to think that nothing changes in light of everything that’s going on around us.  Certain companies that have had their revenue and growth affected will need to tighten up and slow down on hiring.  If you are in this situation, there is some strong evidence to suggest that the economic bounce back from this will be substantial and you need to make sure you have the team in place to take advantage of it.

If your business is in a good place, being aggressive around growth and focusing on building your team is a smart way to create an advantage.

While some are pausing efforts, the lack of competition will mean now is your chance to bring in the best talent.  

Here are some pieces of advice...

Develop a process that allows for remote interviewing

Given the interesting times we’re in, more and more companies are working from home and people may not be willing to commute to the offices.  This sort of process makes a wider pool of candidates available.

Create an engaging experience

An interview is a two way process and you need to impress the candidate as much as they need to impress you.  Videos add a level of complexity but a complex task that can be presented through screen sharing can tackle this issue.  

Move group interviews to shorter 1:1's with members of the team

This will avoid the awkward situations where people are talking over one another and gives candidates opportunity to understand your culture.  

Develop a scoring system that is used across the company

It should not only analyse the capability of the candidate, but also judges how they align with your company and team values.  This will create consistency.

Invest in your employer brand

Companies with a well communicated and impactful mission are the ones who draw the best candidates to them.  How does your company page look on LinkedIn? What engaging content have you posted? Read your JD’s...would you want to do that job? Spend time on this to entice talent that isn’t actively looking to have a conversation with you.

Very few of the clients we are working with have actually stopped hiring.  We’ve seen little change, however it is still early. These are unprecedented times, but our little island has been through far worse. 

Let’s do what we do...keep calm and carry on!

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