How We Expanded Our Benefits Package in Partnership with Ben

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Updated: 30th June, 2021

We want to make Few&Far the best place to work, and to help us do that we’re super excited to share our brand new team benefits scheme with you. 

Everyone at Few & Far has their own set of needs, so why should the benefits we offer be one-size-fits-all? 

As our team has grown and we’re split between remote and in-office workers, helping everyone look after themselves and work at their best is more important than ever. To really fulfil the diverse needs of our team, we took on board their ideas and re-designed our employee benefits to offer total flexibility on where to work, individual budgets through Ben and much more...   

A health & wellbeing budget

You can’t put a price on feeling happy and healthy - but we can give you a monthly budget to support that.

We care about our team, and we know that when you feel your best, you can give your best. With your £75-a-month budget you can treat yourself to something relaxing like a massage or meditation subscription, or if fitness is your TLC, you can spend it on some fitness classes (in-person or remote) - it’s totally up to you. 

On top of this, we also offer team meditation sessions and lunchtime fitness classes if they take your fancy. Plus, if you’re ever struggling and need someone to talk to, we’ve got a group of mental health first aiders on the team to help you whenever you need.  

You invest in us, so we invest in you

We know it’s a big deal for you to give the days, months and years of your life to helping us grow as a business - so it only makes sense that we should help you grow as a professional.

We give every team member an annual learning and development budget of £750 to use how you see fit. You could sign up for a language course, attend a conference (remember those?!) or book in sessions with a business coach to help you become the best in your field. 

We’re committed to fairness in our culture too, and we have a transparent growth and progression process in place so everyone stays in-the-know about what’s happening across the team. 

Time off to recharge

We know sometimes companies say they encourage you to take time off - but do they really mean it? 

Well, we absolutely do. We really want our team to take the time off you’ve got in your annual allowance. Plus, after you’ve worked with us for 2 years, you get an extra day of annual leave for every extra year you stay with us. 

Even better, after you’ve worked with us for 5 years, you’ll get 3 entire weeks of paid sabbatical. Go around the world, chill out by the seaside - whatever floats your boat. 

The future is flexible - so we are already

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that flexible working works.

At Few & Far you can work whenever and wherever lets you give your best to your role - and balance anything (or anyone) else important in your life that you need to (we see you, parents). 

And there we go! We’re excited to see how everyone uses their own Ben allowances, and we’ll keep developing our offering as we grow. 

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