3 tips for job hunters in 2021

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Updated: 2nd May, 2021

Be ready for a remote interview process

Remote interview processes aren't going anywhere, so don't treat it like you would in-person ones. This is because your interviewer won't see the full range of expressions, body language, and other cues that create an emotional connection.

Brush up on your video interviewing skills. Practice so you feel natural and at ease by recording yourself. Make sure you're somewhere quiet and that there's nothing going on in the background.

Be aware of the importance of soft skills.

The uncertainty created by COVID-19 led companies to place more value on soft skills. Ask any hiring manager and they'll tell you that once you meet the hard skills criteria, it's all about your soft skills.

Adobe found that 71% of recruiters rank communication skills as the most desirable in job candidates.

Show that you're curious as well as open to learning and change. Recruiters look for passionate team members because positive energy is contagious. You can’t inspire others unless you’re inspired yourself.

Stand out

Since the start of the pandemic, job markets around the world changed significantly. There is more competition for the job you want than ever before.

Think about how can you stand out. Show to potential employers that self-development is important to you by upskilling through online classes. Take a more creative approach when it comes to your application. Use your relationships.

The worst thing you could do is waste time on spamming out a generic CV. Give it a personality and tailor it to the specific job. Make it clear why you're a good fit and what do you bring to the company.

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