Keeping calm and carrying on through coronavirus

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Updated: 2nd May, 2021

Coronavirus is understandably causing much concern for individuals and businesses alike.

The uncertainty of the health risk and what this means for businesses is fuelling a fear unseen for a long time.

Panic-buying and the media are fuelling the flames and while it's not yet necessary for businesses in the UK and some abroad to shut down and stop, it's imperative we go on with our daily lives, just with a little more caution.

We've had several employees work from home for extended period of time due who were potentially at risk from travelling, or having friends or family travelled from affected areas.

Our entire system is cloud-based and each of our employees works from a laptop which makes this particularly accessible for our business in times of need.

"The way companies are responding to the threat has been really interesting"

Looking at the way companies are responding to the threat has been really interesting and it's an opportunity to see if the company you work for considers your well being and has good flexible working policies. 

Are they supporting those who are sick?

Are they providing flexible working for those anxious to travel or who are indeed unwell?

I've certainly noticed London to be less crowded.

Our clients are still interviewing and still continuing to grow which is encouraging in the digital sector. 

As a company, you may need to review your interview process to accommodate...

  1. Where face-to-face interviews are taking place, make candidates feel comfortable by explaining you currently have a no hand shake policy.
  2. Should candidates be unable to make face-to-face interviews, then ensure you review your process and use video technology where possible. 
  3. Ensure all managers know how to stop symptoms
  4. Encourage and provide the use of sanitisers and regular hand-washing.
  5. Be prepared to facilitate remote working arrangement for your employees and encourage them to stay home if they are feeling unwell.

You can even try the foot shake which seems to be doing the rounds!

- Samm Green, Co-founder at Few&Far

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