Product Data Analyst


Dependant on experience


ZOE are enabling people to live healthier and happier lives by helping them to understand and optimise their responses to food. 

The company is combining scientific research, cutting-edge AI and most advanced science available to help you understand how your body works so you can reduce dietary inflammation and improve your gut health naturally.

Their engineering data science, biology, nutrition science expertise has led to multiple break-through papers in leading scientific journals, including Nature Medicine.

What will you be doing? 

You will be working closely with Product Management, Engineering, and business to make sure ZOE can help change their clients lives.

Your role will benefit from working closely with experienced Data Engineers that have a lot of experience in data transformation and modeling techniques.

  • Focus on providing a unique source of truth for all the ZOE data.
  • Help slice the information on different dimensions
  • Be able to zoom in and out of the data / doing micro and macro analysis
  • Find and uncover hidden correlations across distinct datasets that can propel the product forward.


Ideal candidate specification:

  • A data enthusiast - You are able to shine a light on our Data (both qualitative and quantitative), and where ZOE can be improved!
  • A technologist - You'll have a solid SQL grounding, as well a holistic knowledge of Data Warehousing and BI Technologies.

  • A relationship builder - You'll need to build a strong relationship and credibility with Product, Engineering and Science teams.

  • Let's-try-it attitude - You'll be able to iterate extremely rapidly, whilst being mindful of risks and pitfalls in a regulated health setting

You'll get:

  • Remote-first working model - ZOE believe that life is more than just work and that’s why they want their employees to choose the style of work that works for them.

  • Flexible working - They don't clock watch. Everyone operates from a place of trust and autonomy.
  • Generous equity package - Eligible employees can have stock options in ZOE.

  • Health insurance - ZOE's UK employees, their partners and dependents have access to the SmartHealth app. This includes 24/7 GP service, nutrition consultations, mental health support.

  • Competitive Holiday Entitlements - They work hard, but encourage you to take regular breaks and have some much needed time off. 

Hit apply if you think you're right for this role, or get in touch with me at if you want to learn more.