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What’s the one thing all successful scale-ups have in common? 

A strong relationship with other founders and leaders who have been part of successful companies. 

And that’s no surprise, 61% of leaders said they would grow faster if it were easier to access experts from established businesses.

But access to these experts can be expensive and hard to come by. 

We want to open the door to our trusted executive partners for businesses going through a period of change. 

Tell us about your business challenges and we’ll match you with a C-level industry leader who has already been there and done that. 

They’ll provide you with expert support and guidance in a cost-effective and flexible way. 

Because access to industry experts shouldn’t just be for the Tech giants.

Team Build

Let us help you find that sweet spot between speed and quality

It can be daunting handing a hiring process over to an external company. We promise to take the time to understand your requirements and what your company is about. 

You won’t be part of just a pipeline, we commit to an on-going partnership with our clients so we can see the full process through and continue to make the candidate experience better each time. 

So you can make a positive impact on your customer’s lives and focus on delivering a record-breaking product.  

Executive Search

We deliver the game-changers. Leaders who’ll turn your digital product into a market-leader 

Competition for the best talent at the executive level is fierce. Don’t waste half a year just to get a shortlist. You can land an experienced C-suite leader in months without compromising on the quality

It’s because we’re not collecting names for databases. First and foremost, we’re community builders. Over 10 years, our team has been recruiting for middle and senior management, while building strong relationships with the leaders of the most exciting tech companies.

Chances are that we already know the person you desperately want on your board. 

Use our market knowledge, expertise and network to find that needle in a haystack. From strategy to onboarding, we’re here to create an exceptional end-to-end process.

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