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Product Management Recruitment

We help companies build product development teams that are going to help them fulfil their mission whilst setting the foundations for growth.

We help you find the right people at the right time. Our network, community and know-how get you the people you need faster.

Our clients’ needs differ and everyone is looking for someone with various different skills – there is no “one-size fits all” when it comes to Product Management and their titles, we get it. We recruit across B2B and B2C Product Management generalists and professionals such as:

  • Head of Product
  • Senior Product Manager 
  • Product Manager
  • Product Lead
  • Product Owner
  • Product Director
  • VP of Product

Skills we look for

  • Passion for UX, Technology and business. 
  • Keen collaborators 
  • Able to “talk tech” 
  • Communication – bringing people “along the journey”

Talk to our product recruitment specialists for an unbiased view of the skills market in this key area, the level of vacancies in the market, salary information and more. We have a large network and community, some of them will be actively on the lookout for something new, but a lot of them could do with us giving them a nudge to show them what they’re missing.

We work closely with both you and the talent out there to create a better experience for everyone. This means you can sit back while we get you the right people faster. Let our team handle everything from screening and organising interviews through to managing any counter offers. We let you focus on what you’re great at.

Retaining your Product Team

Leaders of businesses are trying to grow their product development teams but are struggling to keep their current team. This usually comes down to a lack of understanding of what motivates a product team and how they should go about creating the right environment for them to thrive in. 
Click to learn more about how to retain your product development team.

Our Clients

Our clients range from start-up businesses, through to international businesses. We are the exclusive recruitment partner for Shpock and work with other international brand names such as Babylon Health, Booking.com, Starling Bank, Skyscanner and Typeform.

“We’ve worked together as a partner through Mind the Product and also a recruiter hiring Product Managers. I’ve worked a lot for startups and scaling teams and Few&Far tends to be the first agency that I recommend when I need to hire product people. What makes them stand out is that they really care about the craft, the recruiters involved really take the time to understand what it is that makes for a great candidate and only bring those people forward.”

Martin Eriksson, Chairman @ Mind the Product

“We were a bit nervous about working with agencies, recruiters generally don’t have a great reputation. We gave them a really hard time before letting Few&Far get involved in the community, but they have been nothing but a spectacular partner since.”

James Mayes, CEO @ Mind the Product

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