We just recruit.
We forge attractive workplaces and build effective teams for businesses that are going places.

Recruitment gets a

Stereotypical Recruitment

a well-needed makeover.

We wanted a bold, confident and honest way to lead our industry into a new era. 

We don’t want to fit in. 

We stand out, we look different from others in our sector. 

We pay close attention to what’s going on around us, but we carve our own path. 

We follow no one. 

We are honest and trustworthy. We have nothing to hide. 

We don’t want to dilute our message, our mission or our spirit. 

We didn’t want our brand to become bound by colour. Colour is subjective, distorted by emotion or personal bias, we are not. 

We are conscious and sensitive in our approach, whilst remaining bold, confident and provoking. 

We are different from everyone else. We have kinks and quirks and we celebrate these. 

We stop you in your tracks and demand attention. 

We know what makes our clients and candidates tick and we’re sensitive to that. 

We are honest, dependable and virtuous. 

We are black and white. 

We are Few & Far

We’re so happy you stopped by, we’d love for you to take a look around our new site and get to know the new us! 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate getting in touch – 020 3693 9000

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Recruitment gets a well-needed makeover.