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Having started a product desk at his old business, in 2014 he was swayed to join his biggest competitor with a ticket to Mind the Product Conference. Now a Few & Far’s “OG”, Mr Bastow has been through all the start-up highs and lows and has been integral in taking us from strength to strength.

Worst things have, and will happen” “It’s hotter than the Caribean in here”

Often heard saying

After six years of recruiting Product Managers across the UK and Europe, in 2018 Allen took a leap of faith to introduce Few & Far to the USA, where he’s been hands-on recruiting product teams whilst also managing a Data and Engineering recruitment team.

Allen has one child, his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Currently working all sorts of hours and traveling between the UK and US, he unfortunately has no time for anyone outside of fatherhood. Ask me to show you a man who makes sacrifices and I’ll show you, Allen Bastow.

Sweating in sub-zero freezing temperatures.

Party trick

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