CiaraB2B Product Talent Consultant


Ciara (pronounced Kiera) is our resident Australian (much to Lilli's dismay). She was actually born in Chelmsford, Essex but moved to Brisbane with her family when she was just six. Ciara decided to make the move to London at the ripe old age of 21, right before 2019 Australian summer was about to begin, and right before English winter approached (questionable life choices if you ask me).

"Dah-ta" instead of Data.

Often heard saying

Ciara has previous recruitment experience from working in real estate recruitment back in Brisbane and currently sits on the B2B product team with Glen and Jordan. Working the product market means we get to laugh every time she says dah-ta (facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis).

Outside of work Ciara likes to travel, shop, and drink with friends. She studied cinemagraphic makeup and loves to experiment with it, especially when Halloween rolls around. Since making the bold move from Brisbane to Streatham, she's spent every weekend adding to her winter wardrobe (while still in Autumn) and buying plants that she will surely kill in the coming months.

Wearing pink every day

Party Trick