GlenProduct Team Manager


There’s a reason he is Few & Far’s most voted MVP. Glen goes above and beyond for not only for his clients and candidates but his fellow colleagues too. He embodies what working here is all about - living up to our purpose, always putting others before himself and involving himself heavily in the community. See for yourself.

My name is not Vlad...or Grob...or Gren...or Gleb!!”

Often heard saying

The B2B Product market is constantly evolving and as the only recruiter in London specialising in this skill-set, it is safe to say Glen knows his stuff. Having been successful in building some of the best Product functions in the space, he now leads his own team dominating B2B Product.

Whilst he enjoys a good film or series, you will struggle to find Glen stuck indoors. If he isn’t working he is out for food, having drinks or travelling, it’s no wonder he is always ill or injured.

Utilising his severe nut allergy to escape meetings.

Party trick