HayleyOperations Manager


We searched for months trying to find our superstar Hayley. We needed someone who could seamlessly operate all those things that go on behind the scenes of a business and in early 2018 that’s exactly what Hayley came in and did.

I can’t, I’m going to the gym”

Often heard saying

Starting out as our Office Manager, Hayley quickly learned the ropes and before we knew it, she was promoted to Operations Manager and handling the financial side of the business too. As a reluctant member of extracurricular business activities, we managed to get her on board the Social Committee and now works with Ashleigh to organise all the fun things we do as a business.

You’ll find Hayley eating a falafel salad every day for lunch and doing 1-2 classes a day at the gym. She even managed to beat everyone in the office in a prone hold. We give her a bit of grief when she refuses to come out with us due to her healthy lifestyle and happy relationship, but when she does, she does not disappoint.

Transforming into Levi on a night out

Party trick