JordanB2B Product Talent Consultant


After spending his childhood surrounded by farm animals in rural Somerset, followed by spending his teenage years in America surrounded by more farm animals, Jordan decided to pursue his childhood dream of… not being surrounded by any type of animals?

Where’s Glen. Have you seen Glen?”

Often heard saying

Jordan joined us in January 2019 and specialises in building B2B product teams alongside his dad, Glen Willis. Whether it is tennis, football or recruitment, Jordan is one of the worst losers in the world and since starting in January, this competitiveness has driven him to be a huge success.

He is Few & Far’s number 1 player, both on and off the field. You will find him in the gym after a long day at work and then in a casino waiting for Magic Mike to finish. (Don’t ask us why!)

Complete and utter confusion and shopping at baby GAP. 

Party trick