LilliHead of Marketing


Lilli left New Zealand and her student loan behind to make the move to London in 2016. She originally joined as our Office / Marketing Manager. She quickly (slash strategically) moved solely into the marketing role she owns and loves today. While she may be a lonely team of one, just offer her some snacks and she’ll quickly adapt to people again.

Tell them I don’t have a phone”

Often heard saying

Lilli takes care of the overall Few & Far brand. Her aim is to drive marketing initiatives that have the highest impact for the business and works closely with Ashleigh to showcase our culture and life here at Few & Far.

Not used to having countries close by, you’ll catch Lilli making the most of Europe on her doorstep or enjoying everything London has to offer with her fellow Kiwi migraters. Food obsessed and a big passion for cooking, she judges her fellow team members strange English diets.

Digging herself into verbal holes around new people.

Party trick