Megan C.Team lead - Back End Engineering


Megan grew up in a small village in Lincolnshire and moved to London in 2013 to study Business Management. As most recruiters will tell you, she "fell into recruitment" and never looked back. 
She loves technology and we and others often ask her if she has Engineering background and tell her she could work as a Tech BA. Sadly she still has an iPhone 6… 

"We love to see it"

Often heard saying

Megan is a Team Lead in Software Engineering, with 4+ years experience in the C# .NET market in London. She spent her first three years specialising in Financial Services & the FinTech space. She loves working with start ups and is always making an effort to keep up with the FinTech industry.

Like many of us here at Few&Far, Megan is a serial coffee drinker and connoisseur, and is mainly fuelled by Coconut Flat Whites & Espressos. Unlike the rest of us here, she lifts weights most days before work and recently got into running (just completed her first 10km in 71 mins if you’re wondering).

Buying trainers I do not need

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