MilesTeam Manager - Exec Search


Miles’ recruitment career started out in the engineering mobile team but as his experience in tech grew, the realisation sunk in that developers did not find him funny. After moving to product, he quickly found that his jokes were far better received by the community and he’s never looked back.

Safe... isit... what you sayin’?”

Often heard saying

Miles’ job is to find you, a product person, a job. And if you want to hire a product person, his job is finding you a product person. He also has a natural flair for writing cryptic job ads on LinkedIn, check him out.

Since Miles was a baby, he’s had a gift for spinning decks. He runs his own underground electronic music night around London, which he continues to invite Tom the raver to, and Lilli who cancels last minute.

Missing flights while in a Wetherspoons next to the terminal.

Party trick