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Mobby is short for Moblessing but is only called this when Dara is singing her name in the office. She was born in Zimbabwe, and raised in Coventry then ran away to Hertfordshire for university. Mobby moved to London in 2019 to pursue bigger opportunities and to experience the “fast-pace lifestyle”. 

She was previously a community manager at Skills Matter, running 66 meetups – three days a week up to 6 meetups. She’s really excited to get Few&Far involved with the Engineering meetup space. 


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Mobby is a Talent Scout in the Engineering team. She supports Reece in finding amazing candidates that are looking for permanent positions in London and abroad. She is always looking to grow her network and market knowledge by attending the Engineering meet-ups London has to offer.

Outside of work, she likes to go to spin class and weirdly likes the feeling of jelly legs afterwards. She enjoys cooking and making up recipes as she goes. If she’s cooking for you, make sure you savour it, as her meals will never taste the same as last. She always forgets what ingredients she used last time.

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Roles posted by Mobby

QA Engineer

  • City of London
  • £30k - £40k
Are you a QA Engineer who wants to work on projects that create a diff... See Details

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