NickCEO & Co-Founder


Nick co-founded Few & Far in 2013 and hasn’t slept since. He spends his days managing an overly needy sales team competing for his attention & his nights at product meetups or out for drinks with said product people or founders, discussing ideas for new products of course. If he slept, we believe he would dream of product.

Who's got a charger?”

Often heard saying

As you may have guessed, Nick is our resident cat herder & team councillor.

He found that Product Management was a skillset that often went misunderstood, he’s dedicated the past 10 years educating people about what they actually do and solving the problems companies face when hiring them.

After noting that recruitment businesses were only solving a small part of a bigger problem, he started brainstorming solutions on a whiteboard. After annoying his friends in product for feedback, he proposed our new offering and with the help of the team, it’s been refined & launched. Nick has gone back to his role as resident cat herder and team councillor.

Outside of meetings and meetups, his friends selfishly drag him from Europe to Vegas to attend their stag dos & weddings.

Keeping the senior management team happy.

Party trick