After joining us from the world of esports, Reece started his recruitment career here and has since been called “the headhunter the world needs but doesn’t deserve” (I wish I was joking). To us, though, he’s your friendly neighbourhood Tech Recruiter who loves Wetherspoons just a bit too much.

Get in the bin”

Often heard saying

Reece is Senior Associate Director and is responsible for making sure that the office is never quiet. Whether it's making weird noises at his desk, creating (and then laughing at) his own memes or helping companies scale their engineering teams - he's got you covered.

Be it after work drinks or organising the quarterly Wetherspoons night, Reece drowns his loneliness by making sure the company is constantly entertaining him. Turns out you first need a life to have a work/life balance issue.

Level 1000 at making “horn" noises

Party trick