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Design & User Research

Sabrina has just returned from five months in the Alps where she spent her time skiing. Sabrina and her dog Henry come as an awesome recruitment duo. You will usually find them in the local pubs or parks, Sabrina’s distinctive Dublin accent usually gives them away.

“Pass the wine”

Often heard saying

Sabrina started her recruitment career when she moved to London in 2016, originally as a perm recruiter across Design and UX. But her high energy and quick personality (lack of patience) meant she quickly gravitated towards the contract market. She loves a chat and can usually be found on long calls to candidates and clients, talking about anything from design, recruitment, family to holidays.

Sabrina’s loves skiing! Seems as that can only be done for a few months of the year, she spends the rest of the year drinking red wine and visiting new countries. She also spends a lot of the time talking about her favourite place – Glastonbury Festival.

Getting 35 tickets to Glastonbury

Party trick

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