SammCVO & Co-Founder


Samm co-founded Few & Far.  He shared a vision to change the stereotype of recruitment. “How did they do this”, I hear you not say? To be specialists in a world of generalists, and by putting an emphasis on meetups and events. Together they built a strong foundation for the team to take this approach to recruitment. So far, so good.

"I’ve just had this brilliant idea” “I’m going to play devil's advocate here"

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Originally Head of Engineering, Samm helped launched The Hacker Games in 2016, our annual charity hackathon. Unable to sit still, he handles all things operations and has helped develop our Talent Strategy offering. knowing that with our years of combined industry experience and knowledge, we can offer far more value to our clients than just “bums on seats”

Samm is lucky enough to have surrounded himself with beautiful women; his wife Gigi and baby daughter, Jessie. He has a special place in his heart for Japan and escapes there for a holiday when he can, and hopes one day Few & Far will have a home there too.

Coming up with cheesy marketing straplines.

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