SilviaTalent Consultant


Born & raised in Sardinia, Silvia made the life choice of moving to London in 2013, soon after came Brexit. (No comment). She is always on the phone speaking in Italian to one of her many cousins back home in Italy during core hours, however, she still manages to get the job done!

“Why?!” & “No” - in Italian.”

Often heard saying

Silvia has joined Reece’s team over a year ago working with Software engineers & has a habit of making his life stressful. She is known for slipping under the radar & then pulling out the golden bullet of a star candidate to secure the job.

At work, you’ll see Silvia eating a tiny amount of vegetables for lunch (chickpeas & cauliflower was a strange hit for a while). Outside of work, you’ll find Silv sipping on Aperol Spritz with her many Italian friends, being the first on the dancefloor & last one-off. She is the life of the party.

Giving the most attitude but getting away with it because she’s Italian.

Party trick