TitoPlatform Engineering Team Lead


Tito started his recruitment career in DevOps & hasn't looked back since. He's joined us to head up DevOps Engineering function & grow out a team to cover the UK & Europe. He's hosted multiple different meetups both large & small (roundtables).

Tito has worked with some of the biggest household names in the market & some of the smallest that you wouldn't even know about. He's passionate about delivering a great service & building long standing relationships. 

Tito spends a lot of time outside of work socialising with friends, indulging in nice restaurants, bars & holidays because lets face it, what is life unless you treat yo-self every now and then. You can probably tell that he's an avid gym goer & loves any kind of sport but particularly the one with the round ball they kick around on the grass.

Can make a coin disappear

Party trick