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Look up “stereotypical recruiter” in the dictionary & you won’t find Tom Shannon’s name anywhere to be seen (mainly because you’re unlikely to find stereotypical recruiter in any dictionary or Tom Shannon’s name for that matter) The industry can have a bad name, but Tom quietly puts them to shame without even meaning to do so.

"I hate it here” - while actually loving it here.

Often heard saying

Tom is our Principal Engineering Consultant & being the humble person he is, he would feel highly uncomfortable writing something like this, which is another reason why his achievements can somewhat go under the radar (because he often forgets to tell us).

Despite his lovely long limbs (watch him do the limbo) Tom is a regular at Miles Cunliffe’s raves, a key player in Few & Far’s football team LemonGren & an avid Southampton fan.

Balancing cocktails on his head.

Party trick