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Tony has been recruiting since 2005, starting off as a contract recruiter in the IT space for 3 years before making the transition into being a permie. He specialised in Front End Development for the first few years before discovering a curiosity and a passion for Product Management not long after it appeared in the UK from San Francisco. Since then he has spent 10 years building a substantial network across the PM industry and particularly at Senior/C level and building out teams across digital companies in London and Berlin.

Tony’s first role was very corporate and a great platform for a career in recruitment but he soon realised he could have more of a personalised feel and influence in smaller companies looking to scale. He’s helped to scale three businesses and is excited to be bringing all of his experience gained to Few&Far to help us do the same, ensuring we deliver industry-leading experiences to clients and candidates alike.

“Treat others how you would like to be treated”


Tony is here to support Nick & Samm with the company’s growth and strategy having a predominant focus on client development in the UK, Europe and globally. He will also be building out new teams and scoping out new territories and verticals to recruit into that are intrinsically linked to our current specialisms.

Outside of work, the most important thing is his two children and that’s what the majority of his time is dedicated to. Tony loves sports and the outdoors and is a bit of an adrenalin junkie, his biggest passion being road cycling, doing various different crazy endurance events for charity. This is closely followed by skiing and mountains. We also found out that he has run 11 MARATHONS 😳 Chill out, Tony.

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