Meg is one of the youngest members of the Few & Far team as she joined us straight from school, creating the biggest age gap in the company so far, 15 years!

He’s half Dutch and half Amsterdam”

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Meg has been building UX & Product Design teams for over a year now and you’ll regularly at the UX Crunch. She takes her time to listen, understand and present roles which are best suited for you, providing honesty and transparency along the way.

Outside of work you’ll find Meg out with the girls getting tipsy off prosecco and wine, or attending one of the birthdays of her many brothers.

Looking innocent but makes really dark comments

Party trick

After spending nearly four years at a tech recruitment company in Hertfordshire, Luke took a well-needed break and went backpacking for three months across SouthEast Asia (he didn’t find himself) before joining Few & Far to build a new desk. Not literally.

8:30 am - “so, what are we doing for lunch then.”

Often heard saying

Luke a.k.a Pallettoo has now been at Few & Far for over 2 years, where he heads up the kick-ass Product Design function. He has also partnered up with UX Crunch & UX Live to sponsor London’s largest design meet-ups & conferences. Away from day-to-day recruitment, Luke has set up a Few & Far five-a-side football team, and somehow led them to finish second last season!!

Luke’s usual weekend consists of doing some kind of sports and drinking lots of cider, preferably not at the same time! He is also an avid traveller and claims he is a part-time skier and snowboarder.. we’re yet to see proof!

Getting drunk off two ciders. Try me.

Party trick