After living overseas for several years, Alex realised he really missed the English weather so just had to come back. One of the many West Country lads in the office…they really do make the best recruiters.

"Double naughty"

Often heard saying

Has experience in B2C and B2B sales roles across various industries, however, he has now found himself in Tech Recruitment and absolutely loving it. Has eight months' experience in Technology Recruitment and looking forward to the learning ahead.

Outside of work, he's a massive football fan and it takes up most of his time. Likes to think he can play, but in reality, he is actually very average at best. He is also an avid traveler and loves exploring new cultures.

Catching a Victorian Disease not seen for over 100 years

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Tito started his recruitment career in DevOps & hasn't looked back since. He's joined us to head up DevOps Engineering function & grow out a team to cover the UK & Europe. He's hosted multiple different meetups both large & small (roundtables).

Tito has worked with some of the biggest household names in the market & some of the smallest that you wouldn't even know about. He's passionate about delivering a great service & building long standing relationships. 

Tito spends a lot of time outside of work socialising with friends, indulging in nice restaurants, bars & holidays because lets face it, what is life unless you treat yo-self every now and then. You can probably tell that he's an avid gym goer & loves any kind of sport but particularly the one with the round ball they kick around on the grass.

Can make a coin disappear

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With a few years of recruitment experience under his belt, Chris decided to join us once he realised that he could use those precious gym lunches to keep his dream of becoming an Olympic gold medalist in swimming alive, despite being instructed NOT to quit his day job.


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Working alongside Silvia, Jack and Reece as part of the Engineering team,  often juggling between engaging with the brightest software engineers and offering (unwarranted) opinions on the Team Dev Afro beats playlist.

Outside of work, you probably find him practising his dog paddle (without much improvement), blazing through his audible subscription or preoccupied watching his beloved Atlanta Falcons NFL team ruin his Sunday. 

Announcing an alcohol-free week Monday, only to be recovering from a hangover the next Monday.

Party trick

After a whole year of DJ-ing with Miles, Jack realised they both do recruitment. Miles quickly swayed Jack to come and meet the team, and the rest is history!

Alright my boy”

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Jack is a software engineering talent consultant finding you your next opportunity with some of the most reputable companies in the UK. Jack is eager to understand your career goals and help make them a reality.

Similar to Miles, Jack is our second resident DJ spinning some naughty but nice disco beats. He also has four dogs that he cares more about than his brother and sisters.

Spending way too much money

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Born & raised in Sardinia, Silvia made the life choice of moving to London in 2013, soon after came Brexit. (No comment). She is always on the phone speaking in Italian to one of her many cousins back home in Italy during core hours, however, she still manages to get the job done!

“Why?!” & “No” - in Italian.”

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Silvia has joined Reece’s team over a year ago working with Software engineers & has a habit of making his life stressful. She is known for slipping under the radar & then pulling out the golden bullet of a star candidate to secure the job.

At work, you’ll see Silvia eating a tiny amount of vegetables for lunch (chickpeas & cauliflower was a strange hit for a while). Outside of work, you’ll find Silv sipping on Aperol Spritz with her many Italian friends, being the first on the dancefloor & last one-off. She is the life of the party.

Giving the most attitude but getting away with it because she’s Italian.

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Look up “stereotypical recruiter” in the dictionary & you won’t find Tom Shannon’s name anywhere to be seen (mainly because you’re unlikely to find stereotypical recruiter in any dictionary or Tom Shannon’s name for that matter) The industry can have a bad name, but Tom quietly puts them to shame without even meaning to do so.

"I hate it here” - while actually loving it here.

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Tom is our Principal Engineering Consultant & being the humble person he is, he would feel highly uncomfortable writing something like this, which is another reason why his achievements can somewhat go under the radar (because he often forgets to tell us).

Despite his lovely long limbs (watch him do the limbo) Tom is a regular at Miles Cunliffe’s raves, a key player in Few & Far’s football team LemonGren & an avid Southampton fan.

Balancing cocktails on his head.

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Megan grew up in a small village in Lincolnshire and moved to London in 2013 to study Business Management. As most recruiters will tell you, she "fell into recruitment" and never looked back. 
She loves technology and we and others often ask her if she has Engineering background and tell her she could work as a Tech BA. Sadly she still has an iPhone 6… 

"We love to see it"

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Megan is a Principal Consultant in Software Engineering, with 4+ years experience in the C# .NET market in London. She spent her first three years specialising in Financial Services & the FinTech space. She loves working with start ups and is always making an effort to keep up with the FinTech industry.

Like many of us here at Few&Far, Megan is a serial coffee drinker and connoisseur, and is mainly fuelled by Coconut Flat Whites & Espressos. Unlike the rest of us here, she lifts weights most days before work and recently got into running (just completed her first 10km in 71 mins if you’re wondering).

Buying trainers I do not need

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After joining us from the world of esports, Reece started his recruitment career here and has since been called “the headhunter the world needs but doesn’t deserve” (I wish I was joking). To us, though, he’s your friendly neighbourhood Tech Recruiter who loves Wetherspoons just a bit too much.

Get in the bin”

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Reece heads up the Engineering team and is responsible for making sure that the office is never quiet. Whether it's making weird noises at his desk, creating (and then laughing at) his own memes or helping companies scale their engineering teams - he's got you covered.

Be it after work drinks or organising the quarterly Wetherspoons night, Reece drowns his loneliness by making sure the company is constantly entertaining him. Turns out you first need a life to have a work/life balance issue.

Level 1000 at making “horn" noises

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