After spending his childhood surrounded by farm animals in rural Somerset, followed by spending his teenage years in America surrounded by more farm animals, Jordan decided to pursue his childhood dream of… not being surrounded by any type of animals?

Where’s Glen. Have you seen Glen?”

Often heard saying

Jordan joined us in January 2019 and specialises in building B2B product teams alongside his dad, Glen Willis. Whether it is tennis, football or recruitment, Jordan is one of the worst losers in the world and since starting in January, this competitiveness has driven him to be a huge success.

He is Few & Far’s number 1 player, both on and off the field. You will find him in the gym after a long day at work and then in a casino waiting for Magic Mike to finish. (Don’t ask us why!)

Complete and utter confusion and shopping at baby GAP. 

Party trick

Tony is your classic DJ/Promoter turned Technology Recruiter. Starting in September 2020, he joins us after one hell of a year so far, but Tony is here to save B2B Product world from implosion. The market has picked up and Tony is ready to party.

"No judgement"

*Whilst definitely judging*

Tony focuses on B2B Product here at Few&Far, joining a wonderful team alongside Glen, Ciara & Jordan. Unfortunately that's all the information he gave me.

Tony loves travelling, cooking Mexican food, movies, gaming, football. He is apparently on the market for some kind of orange-peeling contraption as gets put to work by his fiancé.

Being the most sarcastic person in the room

Party trick

There’s a reason he is Few & Far’s most voted MVP. Glen goes above and beyond for not only for his clients and candidates but his fellow colleagues too. He embodies what working here is all about - living up to our purpose, always putting others before himself and involving himself heavily in the community. See for yourself.

My name is not Vlad...or Grob...or Gren...or Gleb!!”

Often heard saying

The B2B Product market is constantly evolving and as the only recruiter in London specialising in this skill-set, it is safe to say Glen knows his stuff. Having been successful in building some of the best Product functions in the space, he now leads his own team dominating B2B Product.

Whilst he enjoys a good film or series, you will struggle to find Glen stuck indoors. If he isn’t working he is out for food, having drinks or travelling, it’s no wonder he is always ill or injured.

Utilising his severe nut allergy to escape meetings.

Party trick

Ciara (pronounced Kiera) is our resident Australian (much to Lilli's dismay). She was actually born in Chelmsford, Essex but moved to Brisbane with her family when she was just six. Ciara decided to make the move to London at the ripe old age of 21, right before 2019 Australian summer was about to begin, and right before English winter approached (questionable life choices if you ask me).

"Dah-ta" instead of Data.

Often heard saying

Ciara has previous recruitment experience from working in real estate recruitment back in Brisbane and currently sits on the B2B product team with Glen and Jordan. Working the product market means we get to laugh every time she says dah-ta (facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis).

Outside of work Ciara likes to travel, shop, and drink with friends. She studied cinemagraphic makeup and loves to experiment with it, especially when Halloween rolls around. Since making the bold move from Brisbane to Streatham, she's spent every weekend adding to her winter wardrobe (while still in Autumn) and buying plants that she will surely kill in the coming months.

Wearing pink every day

Party Trick

Miles’ recruitment career started out in the engineering mobile team but as his experience in tech grew, the realisation sunk in that developers did not find him funny. After moving to product, he quickly found that his jokes were far better received by the community and he’s never looked back.

Safe... isit... what you sayin’?”

Often heard saying

Miles’ job is to find you, a product person, a job. And if you want to hire a product person, his job is finding you a product person. He also has a natural flair for writing cryptic job ads on LinkedIn, check him out.

Since Miles was a baby, he’s had a gift for spinning decks. He runs his own underground electronic music night around London, which he continues to invite Tom the raver to, and Lilli who cancels last minute.

Missing flights while in a Wetherspoons next to the terminal.

Party trick